Product Highlights

In keeping with our desire to take you from a startup to a profitable sustainable business, we are incorporating the courses we view as essential to your ability to succeed in a career or business.  All are a combination of our own experience and successes along with research and input from professional trainers and educators, delivered in such a way as to enable you to incorporate them into the technical expertise and skills you already have over time.  Completion of any of our courses enables you to immediately use and apply what you have learned from us to remedy the challenges you encounter each day in your busiiness world and bring about the change as needed.

A Better Way 

Whether you are a business owner, manager, leader, or career professional-There is always a better way, and we have what you need.   We brought you a Better Way  to position your leaders for developing a high-performance team, ready, willing and able to achieve your organization’s goals and achievement and build a sustainable and profitable business.  6 Core skills, I Attitudinal delivered in a simple, understandable, and easing to apply manner, that can go take to work and immediately apply.  Real-life solutions to real-life challenges we all face in today’s world.

6 Online Modules delivered every other week and followed by a live Question and Answer session the following week to help you immediately work with and apply!

Marketing for Small & Medium Size Business in Today’s World.

Effective Marketing for SMB’s is in my view the single most daunting task separating them from real, lasting success in career or business.  We prepare them with the ways and means to achieve this without breaking the bank and/or making it a team effort requiring layers of process and huge numbers of team members to execute.  We help you create a market plan that achieves the fundamental person of marketing, getting your products and services in front of those who want/need them and are ready to act in their own best interest to achieve their business vision and career objectives.

Sales & Business Development

Our sales and business development combine the best of the old and new in a simple, understandable process that is easy to understand, apply and follow.  We teach you the simple principles and reasons people buy and how to discover when they are present in your prospects and how to turn them into long-term customers and keep them over the ups and downs of any business relationship.  Our trainers and coaches have years of experience and know-how to work with an infinite variety of personalities and bring out the best in them to create high-performance teams and powerful sales numbers.  (Insert course synopsis)