Broken business model produces almost a billion daily!

97.3% of courses, programs and info products ………………….?

You may think when a customer buys a $2,000 information product that they’d move mountains to go through and extract every piece of value from it, yeah?

Well, it doesn’t play out that way in the real world. 97.3% of courses, programs and info products that get bought never get consumed in full.

If you want to sell products, this is a bitter pill to swallow – because even if you created the best product, most people who paid you for it won’t go through all of it – or half of it… or even 10 percent of it.

…And if you’re brave enough to examine your own behaviors, I’d bet a dime to a dollar you’ve bought plenty of courses that you didn’t finish…

When consumption rates are this bad it’s not a problem with the customer, or with your lack of willpower, or a matter of intelligence. The problem is systemic. There is something fundamentally broken with the information industry, if most people can’t even finish what they pay for.

But what if there was a solution to this madness? It should excite you to ponder such a solution for two reasons:

  1. you would probably become way more successful way sooner, and
  2. the information business, even in its “broken” state, still produces nearly a billion dollars in daily online sales.

A recent breakthrough though is set to flip this whole industry on its head. And here is your free ticket to get in on the ground floor and discover what all the fuss is about:

This training is for you if you’ve ever bought an online information product.

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