Your Personal Coach

About Me.

Barney, is President of Strategic Management, a Business Consulting Consortium. His practice includes Leadership training and development, Organizational development, and Marketing and Sales training and development. Barney is an accomplished writer, speaker, talk show quest on radio and television and entrepreneur with over 40 years of successful startups and turnarounds at all levels to his credit. Barney combines the best of hands-on experience and theories to deliver the critical elements necessary for success in Business in a clean, straightforward, crisp method that produces real-life solutions to real-life challenges leaders face in today’s world. His methodologies and techniques have helped many national companies and some of the best entrepreneurial organizations around.

Main Benefits

Strategic management products and services provide you with the best solutions available to business people and career professionals that exist today. We enable you to avoid the trial and error process that prevailed for so many years and to enjoy the benefits of the very best methods, techniques, skills, and experiences gained over time and effort. We eliminate the guesswork and inefficiency of constant search and examination of the most efficient means of production and hand you a blueprint for success and joy in your work and life's goals.

A Plan for You to Follow

We provide the blueprint for your success. We eliminate the frustration of starting and building a business by giving you the playbook we have build and refined for more than four decades and refined it to include the best of today's new ideas.

Knowledge, Skills and Strategies, and Tactics to achieve your goals.

Our courses, products and services and delivered to you in clear and concise language and then supplemented with our availability to work with you as you incorporate what you need to accommodate your specific business needs.

A Complete and Fully Operational Business to Go To Market With.

At each step of your learning and implementation, we work with you hands-on to understand what, when and how to apply all of the resources you will have at your command as you go along. We have done what you will be doing, and it's not just a theory.

Leaders Who Can Lead

Whether you or the people around you competent Leadership is essential to success and require good skills in 6 core competencies and self-mastery.

A High-Performance Team

We prepare your leaders to recruit, hire and manage high-performance teams. The kind that places you at the top of your industry niche' and produces a profitable and sustainable business.

A Winning Culture of Change

A Culture of Change that attracts the best in the Business. The kind that loves what they do. In turn, they will deliver the quality of product and service that empowers your customers to be industry leaders in their respective niche' and become your best referral source!

We want to bring innovation

We position you at an advanced stage of business development and preparedness, which accelerates your profitability and allows you to expedite the innovation efforts fundamental to long-term success and sustainability in any business. In doing that, you will be better prepared to deliver the highest possible results to your customers, positioning them at the forefront of their respective industry niche'.